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"100% American made bottle openers!"

About Us!

With headquarters based in Athens GA, Barwrench Inc is a versatile manufacturing resource company. Featuring an extensive line of bottle openers, we are quickly becoming well known in the market not just for our designs for the beverage industry, but in other consumer product areas as well. Our team has skills spread amongst engineers, photographers, graphic designers, and a background of over four generations of “tool & die” making journeymen. When you get to know us, you’ll definitely find we are a unique blend!
All of our products and the tools that produce them, are designed and operated right here in the United States. Although rare to find these days , the fact that we are a true “100% American Made” company allows us to offer shorter lead times, faster customer inventory turns, and major savings on shipping from oversea suppliers. Whether you’re looking for bottle openers, or you need help with the design and manufacturing of your own product, we can help. Please feel free to contact us anytime! Until then, thank you for supporting Barwrench Inc!

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