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"Who would have thought we could sell a BUSINESS CARD!? Every

bottleshop needs these!" 

Tyson Wicker; 5 Points Bottle Shop

"We've never had such a cool souvenir here on island. All of our customers want one. If not two, five or TEN for their friends back home! 

Josh Jno-Pierre; Bartender Iggies Bar & Grill 

"I can't thank you enough for the great job you did on the logo. My customers love the openers. This really keeps Aaron Bonding's name out there for everyone to see. Thanks again!" 

John Elliott; Owner Aaron Bonding

"The colors and the print jobs are amazing and make all the difference! Not to mention the best prices on the market!"

Rainey Lynch; Terrapin Merchandise

"Great product ... customers paying you to advertise with them, how can you go wrong

Omar Mikhail; Owner Best Damn Beer Shop

"Not only do these openers look great, they FUNCTION perfectly as well. Heavy duty, stainless steel with no rusting, can't beat the price and quality.

Lauren Dye; Sales and Marketing Coordinator Terrapin Beer Co

"These openers are a win win situation. The customer gets a very useful and functional product and we get them to pay to carry around a business card for us.

Bill Levance; Operations Manager Green's Beverages

"This is hands down the best business card you could ever ask for!" 

Sam Williamson - Owner - Williamson Bros Auction & Realty

"Warning!!! Use of this uber cool

souvenir while underwater will result

in fishy tasting beer!

Doug Sprotte; STDC Scuba Instructor

"The Barwrench team is really easy to work with and go above and beyond to get the job done. We needed something quick that people would remember at The Masters, and these were the perfect business card to hand out to be remembered by!" 

Warren Vickers - Founder & President - The Pinnacle Experience

"This is BY FAR the best advertising dollar spent! Customers LOVE these openers. My business is in everybodies wallet!

Kylia ; Owner Kylia's Package

We at Sail Fish Scuba loved how quickly our bottle openers were designed, built and shipped! Since Key Largo is a small drinking island with a "diving problem", these are a top seller in our dive shop! It is nice to know that once our guests return home, every time they pop the top on a bottle of beer, they will be thinking of us! Thanks Barwrench, you are the very best! 

Jenn Kerr; Owner Sailfish Scuba

"The Business Card Bottle Opener is such a great product! Our customers get to see our name every time they need a convenient bottle opener. It was so easy working with the folks at Barwrench! Great design, prices, and service. I shopped around for similar products and Barwrench was by far the best! I’ll recommend them to any of my friends in the industry and will definitely do business with them in the future! Thanks again!"

Sarah Lively; Business Developement Manager

IN-Line Consulting LLC

"We needed something unique for one of our conventions. These were great! I'll definitely be putting in another order for my firm soon!

Stephen Field ; President Miami Propeller Club

"BEST souvenir on island! Visiting tourists can't get enough of them. Not to mention all our locals want one in their pocket too!

John Horos ; Manager Lazy Jack's

"These are our standard business card these days, and customers definitely remember us when we put this in their hands! Best business card on the market!

Tom Wysoczynski ; Owner Die Tech Industries and Die Tech Off Road.

"We've been looking for the perfect bottle opener for a while, and then we found it! This is the ideal opener for commuters and works great for us in Grand Central Station.

Justin Phillips ; Owner Beer Table Bottle Shop

"The Barwrench is a giant leap forward with its patented design and development. This utensil allows bartenders to pop cans safely, open bottled drinks, and strain contents from the mixing tin all with one tool. This product is also completely customizable so I can showcase my logo AND the bartenders are excited about showing guest and other bartenders my brand image. I have multiple locations in numerous states and I use the barwrench for every establishment. It looks great, people love it, and it saves time. What more can you ask for?

Daniel Simmons ; Owner The Ivy (Atlanta Ga) The South (Nashville TN) General Beauregard's (Athens GA)

The Southern Kitchen & Bar (Birmingham AL).

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